Welcome to TurboAion

Website information
This is a temporary website. We will be upgrading it in the future because now our focus is in game mechanics and bug-solving.
The game is based on 4.8 Not Aion. We will make a retail-like version in the months to come.
Game information
Everything you need to know to play will be in-game. But to summarize, we will use might as a currency, and you will buy everything through in-game NPCs. Battlegrounds, Arenas, 1v1, Recharger, everything works fine!

Recharger is up 24/7!
Server information
Check out our discord for more info. We really recomend doing so! It's the best way to be in touch with us and all the community, because this website is not ready yet.
Donation information
1€ is a 200 Might. We have reduced all the prices compared with NotAion.

For now we do not have a donation system as you can see. We will build it in a future so we will be slow in delivering the might. To donate, just click the link below, and then speak to Turbonugget in discord. After that, a GM will give you the might as a present for helping our server. Donations are only to support and pay the server fees, we don't want to get money for us at all.

If you want to donate, you can also ask first in discord, to see who is online, and if we are there, you know the mights will be given right away!